The 10 Best Small Business Ideas 2020

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The 10 Best Small Business Ideas 2021Most of these startup business ideas can be operated as home-based businesses. For other ideas, it is necessary to rent a premise and hire a certain number of employees. And, as a rule, to promote any of these businesses you will have to make a good website and get a communication channel with the maximum number of potential customers!

How can you make it cool, fast, and without spending time on the development of the site yourself? Look for the answers at the end of the post!

1. Smartwatches - Business Ideas

Looking for small business ideas from home? Several huge companies are continually working on smartwatches.

Having studied the market for worn gadgets, you will pay attention to the shortage of high-quality devices in the price range for the end user "up to $ 100". From this, you can start. Nowadays writing new mobile applications for smartwatches is a trend. If you write programs yourself - or there is a familiar programmer, you can increase your profits.

2. Start Travel Planning Business

If you are looking for small business ideas for small towns, then travel planning might be the one for you. Even though nowadays there are many convenient booking services, some people still choose an old-school travel planning. Most of them just don`t want to care about all that stuff when they are having their vacation. They believe that a professional will do it better.

So, if you have strong organizational skills and other skills required for this profession, you can inevitably become a travel planner.

3. Start Power Bank Business - profitable business ideas

Searching for the profitable small business ideas, consider this one.

All mobile devices consume a lot of power, so today's popular product is the power bank - the wireless charging for batteries. It is possible to identify the best brands and models and sell them independently to the traveling segment, but you can connect to one of the famous franchises. Another interesting idea for a business is selling a power bank in the form of a menu for cafes and restaurants. Many people who visit public catering establishments and who are connected to the Internet can leave the cafe because the battery is seated. However, customers will stay in the cafe if the cafe is able to charge the battery.

4. Make An E-commerce Site

The secrets of a successful online store, in addition to classroom usability, design, assortment, trust rating and download speed are simple:
2 out of 10 provide a discount on the purchase of additional goods;
4 out of 10 online stores offer a gift certificate to the customer for a 5% discount upon re-purchase from them;
Managers of 5 of 10 online stores carefully listen to the client and help them choose the product that will meet their expectations.

The best products for sale today:
clothes and shoes;
goods for beauty and health;
children's goods;
food and drinks;
goods for home.

If you plan to delegate the creation of your website to professionals, but you do not like template solutions, choose Weblium and get your website made within 48 hours.

5. Coffee Shop - Business Ideas

If you live in a small town, then this is one of the easy business ideas you might be interested in. Coffee houses are not only successful but also gigantic. The coffee business ranks second in the world regarding money turnover, after energy carriers, ahead! Weapons and high technology. And the entrance threshold for this market is still quite low!
To attract more visitors, create your own website (get to know how to get a website within 48 hours).

6. Sports Bar

The sports bar combines at once two formats - a standard bar with alcohol and dishes, and a hall where matches are broadcast, and fans will prefer such a bar to the usual. Today the niche is filled up by a maximum of 30%. Provide delicious dishes and undiluted low-alcohol beverages at affordable prices in addition to the good image and acoustics.
Moreover, you cannot do without the online presence - you need to create a good website, a blog, and provide support for social networks.

7. Specialty Health Food/Organic Food

People of different ages need eco-friendly food. The sale of eco-friendly food is experiencing a period of rapid growth. The potential of the market is that the benefits of healthy eating have not yet reached all regions, and demand is increasing.

8. Craft brewery - Startup Business Ideas

Craft beer can be put on one level with elite alcohol. And such business advantages as emotional proximity to the consumer, the powerful effect of the sarafan radio (which means the minimum spending on advertising!), Minimal competition and an increasing number of connoisseurs make it possible to earn millions in this business.

Order the most appropriate website for your niche from professionals, provide a presence in social networks - and your popularity and your revenue will take off in a short time.

9. Mobile Pet Grooming

  1. Startup costs and current overhead costs are low.
  2. You can work as much as you want whenever you want.
  3. You can control solo.
  4. The potential for profit is high.
  5. You can expand your business by offering additional services.
  6. Franchise opportunities are available.

10. Start Beard Oil Business

Do you want some more small business startup ideas? Beards continue to gain popularity. So, there appear more companies that are specialized in producing or selling products for beards. Today every 4 of 10 American men have a beard. The toiletries industry for men is growing much faster than the shaving industry. But since it`s a relatively new niche (in the same time it is one of the most high-demanded small business ideas for men), we are sure you will be able to find a “place” in this business. To get started, create the right website for this business – choose the best professionals of the new generation.

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