5 Tips For Students Who Want To Learn Investment

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Still a student status, pretending to want to invest? Why not? In fact, investment is good if it can be started early. Student age is the right age to start learning investment. Has not been attacked by a fire country, there are no dependents of children's schools, there are no mortgage payments, and there is no wife who asks for skincare to be purchased every month.

There is still plenty of time for learning, tinkering with analysis. Most just have to share a little time with college (together dating). Life is still long, there's plenty of time for money too.

Well, this money. Where is the money from?

Yes, if students still depend on their parents, they usually get pocket money. Like me first. It's not really true, it also must be divided between for food, transportation, as little snacks.

There are also students who are already working - being freelancers or part timers. At least, I could be a teaching assistant. Can also not be regarded as salary, but pocket money. But it's pretty good huh. At this point I feel sorry. Why did you try to do anything when you were a student? What were you doing when I was a student? Wonder.

Anyway Many ways can be done by students now to get extra money. The proof, now many are hiding this while in college. Moreover, supported by technology. There are also many online stores that are managed by students.

Well, this hard-earned money, it is usually used to add money to everyday life. It would be nice if some were also invested. By starting to invest as a student, with reasonable life goals, the money that must be invested does not feel like a lot, because it is supported by a long period of time.

How to At this point, do you want to invest? If so, well, here are a few tips you can try to "expedite" the investment business even though you are still a student.

5 Investment Learning Tips for Students

Set aside allowance, check cash flow

In short, make sure that you are financially capable. Do not let this, you want to invest eh for eating does not exist. Kan nganu.

So, try checking again. It's good if you have your own financial records. But, generally students haven't. Yes, I am rather accusing this. If you don't have one, try to do financial records for a month or two, to see how we use the limited allowance.

Check, is his condition healthy? In a sense, for food, transportation, and other daily needs will still be guaranteed, if we set aside some for investment.

For this investment, you don't really need big money. One hundred thousand can already. Certainly, you can set aside a minimum of one hundred thousand per month for investment. So for example there has been a ration for hanging out in cafes several times a month, so it's okay, reducing hanging out for investment.

If it has been checked, plan later to set aside money up front for investment. Don't wait for the rest at the end of the month. This is for the sake of guarantee, so that every month we can continue to save, and can be invested.

If you wait for the remaining money, sometime.

Set goals or goals

After ensuring enough financial ability to invest, then the next is to determine goals or goals, why do we want to invest.

This goal is important, so don't just keep saving it. Not "just collecting money, who knows what I'll do later". No, it will not work. It is not like that. The goal will be an objective of our investment process. Without goals, we will be hard to motivate and will often fail to focus. A kind of thought, "Ah, just use the money first. Save / invest again next month. " will often be self-employed in the head. Because of what? Yes, because it's not clear what I want to do.

But, if you have a clear goal, for example: have your own home at the age of 25 years. Or make marriage at your own expense later. Or, to be able to retire early at the age of 40 years (this is the student's mind is already long right, if you already think of this anyway). Any goals will do. The important thing is realistic, accompanied by time and if possible there are also nominal.

So, for example like this. Want to invest, for marriage costs. About 8 years. Need about 100 million. Now, these are clear goals. Even though the candidate is not yet known. Cough It's okay, the important thing is clear financial goals.

If you already know the purpose, of course we can also immediately set a plan. What road would you like to meet that target. Now, we go to the next point.

Do a survey, gather as much information

Well, here is the opportunity to recognize various paths to the goals that have been determined earlier. What investment do you want?

There are many investment products to choose from, each with different returns and risks. For beginners, maybe the lowest risk can be chosen. But if you really have guts, it's OK if you want to choose the aggressive.

To be able to decide, surely we must find as much information as possible. Able to read investment books, or read news online. Follow financial accounts that often discuss various investment products and tricks on social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media. Or, it's simple, just follow the account that has this blog, subscribe also here, and buy the book Investory.

Ha! Easy peasy. Gosh confused again.

Choose the investment product that best suits your financial condition
Furthermore, after getting enough information, choose the investment product that best suits the conditions and financial goals specified earlier.

Well, indeed all of these investment products are suitable for students to play with. What is clear, it takes only minimal capital first right? So as not to interfere with daily operations. Money market funds and state bonds are some that might be tried for consideration. Even if you want to start with shares, try to start with bluechip shares and BUMN shares, because the capital is large so it is not easy to fry.

Want to try short-term investment first? Can. The important thing, start first. These short-term investments are usually investments for a shorter span of time, for example 1 year.

Or do you want to directly play the stock? It could also, immediately create a securities account and start studying the track records of existing stocks. You can start by shopping 1 lot first, then monitor. If the movement is okay, add more next month.

The principle is the same as ordinary savings. Little by little gradually became a hill.

Be patient and study deeper analysis

Well, the important thing is patience. Ready to provide patience as wide as the ocean. Don't rush to cuan. Yes, cuan is indeed our goal to turn around money, but yes, don't invest now next month, you want to be able to make money many times over.

On the way later, maybe we will experience the name up and down. Its shares are down in value, P2P defaults, and so on. So, prepare yourself to face some obstacles. That will be normal. Be patient, study again, and study again.

Do not forget, we as investors are responsible for our own decisions, even though we have consulted with experts or have enough knowledge about their knowledge. So, don't expect bad things to happen, but if something undesirable happens, then it's all our own responsibility as investors. Learn more to overcome them, and keep moving.

Hopefully this article is useful for anyone who wants to start investing with minimal capital, especially students.

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