10 This business is selling well when the Corona Virus Pandemic

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Apkd.me, The crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus has destroyed various business and economic sectors. However, behind this pandemic ferocity, there are still a small number of entrepreneurs who actually see opportunities to be developed.

Various innovations continue to be made so that the business can run and survive in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. Yuswohady, Managing Partner Inventure in his report said there were at least 50 innovations made by the company to survive and even overtake its competitors in the midst of the crisis.

Here are 10 of the simplest innovation ideas that can be followed by small and medium businesses as quoted from The 50 Survival Innovation Ideas That Matter from Inventory Knowledge.

1. "Seliter Coffee" @Home

When everyone is at home, the consumption of home-size package culinary products increases. This is used by coffee shop owners to make products that can be enjoyed at home with the family. Local players such as Kopi Tuku, Kopi Toko Djawa and Bahagia Kopi issued a variant of "Kopi Seliter" for the segment of consumers who want to enjoy coffee at home.

2. Travelogistics

Travel companies slumped with the introduction of the PSBB. So companies such as Cititrans, Daytrans and Big Bird must carry out survival innovations so as not to go out of business by switching from transferring passengers to delivering goods. Package delivery services, same-day delivery, and pick-up packages are currently superior. The term Travelogistic became their main strategy to create revenue streams in the midst of the fury of the plague.

3. On-Demand Cleaning Services

During outbreaks the demand for health products / services increases rapidly. This is an opportunity for the hotel sector by utilizing the assets they have, namely competence in the field of housekeeping, especially cleaning services. So Hotel Teraskita (by Dafam) and Ambhara Hotels launched an "on-demand cleaning service" with the label of the cleanliness of the prime hotel class.

4. Home Leisure Wear

The purchase of fashion products is decreasing when people do not leave the house. But fashion brands don't lose their minds. They encourage the trend of "homeleisure wear" even at home but the clothes remain fashionable because they can be exhibited via Instagram.

The global H&M brand, for example, has launched a #AtHomeWithHM campaign promoting pajama & loose style fashion products. When the #OnePajamaForTheWholeCNY hashtag boomed during the Chinese New Year, Dodococo fashion brand, staged a #WorkFromHome and #PajamaChallenge campaign.

5. "Untouchable" Product

The rapid spread of the corona virus makes everyone anxious to get in touch with anything. Contactless lifestyle will be new normal. So TOTO releases a sanitary product that allows users not to hold or press any buttons when using it. Coupled with ultraviolet features that make users safer from bacteria. This innovation is a response to changes in consumer behavior when the plague broke out.

6. Coronassurance for Fear Customers

Although purchasing power has declined, health insurance is currently one that is needed by consumers. To protect consumers from Covid-19, AstraLife issues insurance products that protect its customers from the threat of Covid-19. Coupled with online features that allow customers to buy insurance without going outside the house, survival innovation is a savior for insurance companies.

7. Frozen Food Is the New Normal

Demand for frozen food products is increasing when they cannot travel outside the home. Moreover, millennial mothers are not good at cooking, so they cook easily. This condition was used by Es teler 77 and Hokben to release frozen and "ready to eat" product variants to anticipate dine-in customers that continue to decline.

8. WFH = "Work from Hotel"

Staycation will be new normal after Covid-19. Therefore hotels like The Trans in Bandung offer a staycation package with the concept of "Pay Now, Save More", pay now to stay the next 3 months after Covid-19 passes, with a very attractive discount. Likewise, hotels in Bali offer "Work from Hotels" packages with bargain prices that consumers cannot refuse. While the Travlio property rental application offers "Work from Apartment".

9. Beauty On-Demand

When consumers have to stay at home and cannot visit a beauty clinic to get treatment, some beauty clinics use a ball pick-up strategy to visit customers. One of them is ERHA, which launched several services ranging from drive-thru treatment where consumers can inject vitamin C in their cars, virtual consultations, to buy their products online and send them home.

10. Resto Experience @ Home

The restaurant & cafe sector was most affected by Covid-19 because there were no consumers dine-in. Therefore, they carry out survival innovation to bring "restaurant experience" at the consumer's home. Magal, Raa Cha and Shabu Jin present "BBQ at home" home delivery services. Starting from food ingredients, condiments, to cooking utensils and plates are all provided and sent home.

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