How To Use Health Insurance For Medical Treatment Abroad?

Have you ever thought about whether the health insurance that is currently available supports medical treatment abroad ?

Well, if you plan to decide to seek treatment abroad, it is important to check for health insurance that you have. Make sure the insurance company or insurance agent owned covers the expenses for your treatment abroad. Contact your insurance company or agent to find out whether your health insurance covers international medical care or not.

1. Check the list of destination countries for treatment that can be visited

The main thing to do when checking health insurance for treatment abroad is to find out the list of destination countries for treatment that you can visit. Generally, insurance companies will provide a list of countries that are within their reach. In addition, there are exceptions in some countries that are not part of the responsibility for policyholders. Therefore, you can find out through official documents or ask directly to the insurance compand

2. Find out the list of hospitals referenced by insurance companies

Find out the list of referral hospitals of the insurance company. This is very important, because the list of hospitals that are partners of insurance companies has different health services and facilities. If you want to find out about the health services and facilities offered by the hospital list, please visit the hospital's official website or ask the insurance company.

3. Bring travel insurance documents while on treatment

It is important to bring complete information about travel insurance, especially those that are the requirements and conditions when seeking treatment abroad. The insurance company will also advise policy holders to bring some important files needed when filing a claim.

4. Choosing an insurance service system

Generally, insurance companies offer two service systems, namely cashless and reimburse. If you intend to seek treatment abroad using health insurance, you should choose a cashless system. The cashless system makes it easy to get treatment without spending money. You only need to show the insurance membership card on the side of the hospital that has worked with the insurance company.

Then, the hospital will check the active period of the patient's insurance card. Using a cashless system, you don't have to bother filing a claim for compensation because nothing needs to be replaced.

Meanwhile, in the reimburse system, you need to pay for hospital treatment with your own funds. Then, the medical expenses will be claimed (replaced) by the insurance company by including several documents and receipts or payment notes to be replaced by the insurance party.

Well, those are some things that you need to pay attention to if you want to seek treatment abroad using insurance.

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