How Build Alternative Income Sources While In Job?

What is salary income? To generate this income, ‘work‘ must be done.

What is alternative income? Investment income is one good example. Alternative income can be generated without doing any work. Here money makes more money.

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Why ‘investment income’ is a good alternative income?

Most of my readers are salaried people. They do their 9-5 job, 5/6 days a week. It is only in their spare time that they can think about generating “alternative income’.

For me, the concept of alternative income is not about doing an additional work to generate more income. What is better is, generating a parallel income source in the present scheme of things.

How is the ‘present scheme of things’? Busy time table. In this busy schedule, additional work is the last thing that comes to mind.

So what can be done for alternative income? Resort to investmentas a reliable and sustainable alternative income source.

Alternative income of Rs.500 per month is good-enough. How?

This example will prove that how valuable is every penny of alternative income. Once this theory is planted in our minds, it will help us see various alternative income sources in perspective of its valuation. What is the theory?
It is our money which can make more money for us…

“Money making money” is a concept which is as old as the theory of investment itself. We already know this, right? To generate returns, investment is necessary.

Let’s further elaborate on the ‘return on investment‘ by use of an example.

Suppose you have Rs.25,000 as spare money. You would like to invest it in a suitable ‘income generating’ option. The options available for investment are shown in below table:
SL Investment Options R.O.I Amount Invested (Rs.) Annual Return (Rs.) Monthly Returns (Rs.)
  1. 1 Savings A/c 3.50% 25,000 875 73
  2. 2 Bank Deposit 7.00% 25,000 1,750 146
  3. 3 Monthly Income Plan (MIP) 7.50% 25,000 1,875 156

What does the above table tell us? It says that, by investing Rs.25,000 in savings account it will generate an alternative income of Rs.73 per month.

By investing Rs.25,000 in MIP it will generate an alternative income of Rs.156 per month.

For many in India, Rs.25,000 lump-sum investment is still a big amount, right? But even a sum of Rs.25,000 is generating a feeble income.

So what does it explain? It explains that a much bigger amount will be required to generate Rs.500 per month. Let’s calculate that:

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