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5 Cheapest & Easiest Business Ideas to start in Uganda this 2019

A survey carried out in Uganda in 2013 revealed that 67% agreed that their reason for saving was to meet household basic needs, 41% for emergency and only 9% agreed to saving for investment. (These results are based on the DataHack4FI 2013 dataset) Are you among the 9% that save for investment? Below I reviewed a few business ideas that are relatively easy to start and they are in order of initial investment capital required.

ONLINE BUSINESSES like Blogs or YouTube Channels

With continuous innovation, smart phones have become relatively cheap in African countries like Uganda. Today for as low as 90,000, one can get a brand new smart phone from a telecom service provider like MTN. Internet costs have also relatively reduced, for as low as 1000, an individual can have full day access to internet with RokeSpot. Online businesses are the next venture to exploit. Blogging and Vlogging are relatively easy to start and all you need is access to a computer or internet enabled devices.


Chapati stalls are relatively cheap to set up, an initial investment of under 600,000 is required and a daily profit of 8000 or more can be obtained depending on how many you make. Remember the more units you make, the cheaper the unit cost.


Farming is another relatively easy venture to exploit. Farming ranges from Crops, animals to birds. And whichever area you choose depending on your expertise or other reasons can give you extensive profits if done correctly and well.


Depending on the season, fruits can be readily available at a cheap price, the same applies to the market for our next business idea on the list. To start this business, all you need is a strategic location, a good juice mixture, fruits and you are sorted. You might opt to have a single table with a safe attached to it where you can keep your working capital. An entrepreneur can choose to sell a glass a glass at 2000@ depending on the location or market or other factors.  See break down of revenue, costs and profit details here.


There are thousands of boda boda men in Uganda. If you have access to 2.5 million today, you could acquire a good motor cycle and rent this out for 12000 a day and this could give you 4.3 million in a year. Now suppose you had 2 or 5 motor cycles rented.

In conclusion, there are plenty of profitable ventures that require low volumes of capital to start. I will be listing more here on this blog and more detailed information for each idea will be posted. However starting a business doesn’t require you to just have capital, you have to be all in to benefit from entrepreneurship.

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